Monday , May 29 2023

So many older people receive security alarms – New in Halmstad – 24 hours a day


Security alarms are the most common help that the elderly receive from social services. Between October 2016 and 2017, the number of people who received the contribution increased by 3% across the country. There are major fluctuations at the municipal level, according to recent National Health Statistics.

"We do not know why the security alarm has increased more, I think it is due to a combination of many factors." We have more elderly people and there are more people living at home, so maybe the security alarm is being asked more, Michaela Prochazka, researcher at the National Health Council.

Photo: Social services, compiled by the Siren news agency.

In total, 183,000 people had in Sweden who were 65 or older police on 31 October 2017. In Halland, the majority of the elderly have security alarms on Halmstad, just over 2000 people. ON Kungsbacka it has almost 1,500 people there. About 1250 years ago Falkenberg and Varberg have been informed about social services. The fewer numbers are in the Laholm and Hurt. More than 500 people have security alarms in Laholm, and in Hylte the number is 250 people who have it.

In Sweden, most elderly people had security alarms Gothenburg. There were 9,700 people, which were almost one hundred more than the previous year.

Photo: Social services, compiled by the Siren news agency.

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