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SSUs spread violence and anti-Semitic positions


SSU Skåne is accused of being ruled by an extreme falang as by undemocratic methods and has acted in direct conflict with the core values ​​of the labor movement, according to last week's criticism at Kvällsposten.

In an article on Aftonbladet, 33 members of the SSU, mainly from Malmö and Helsingborg, called the revelations that "false facts spread to harm SSU Skåne."

In Studio A Vice-President of the SR, Khloe Abdel Wahab, who refuses to give up despite the Egyptian military regime's exercise, basically talks about Islamophobia and racism.

But among the 33 members who wrote the article of the debate there are people who share violence, anti-Semitic material and invited a Salafist minister.

Offer to Minister Salafist

Last year, SSU President Malmö Tiba Awni called for Preacher Hussein Hamad in a debate on "the place of religion in society."

His predecessor, Hussein Hamad, along with a friend who traveled to Syria in the spring / summer of 2015 and who supports social networking in social media. Hamad is also the poet named "Poet of the Lavender".

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Hussein Hamad presented himself as "a young coach of the youth, the shame of the youth."

He was born in Kiruna but grew up in Borlänge and described Terrorist Magnus Ranstorp as "a prominent lecturer in the Salafist environment."

Hamad co-operated with Salafist Gävleimamen Abo Rad, who celebrated the Islamic State Raid in 2014 on Facebook.

He has spoken in a speech that all who call the Muslims are not real.

And that Muslims should use Islamic teaching and law as a guiding principle, not the way in which the Swedish world defines extremism.

We chose people who disappeared in Syria

"It's not just because you live in a non-Muslim society and because something has been normalized, the opposite is becoming extreme.

– What do they want to emphasize as good Muslims? There are people like Nalin Pekgul … The stocks are up, said in a speech where he told the former Social Democratic MP who said her Islam had been abducted by Islamists.

Hussein Hamad chose critically Muslim organizations such as Muslims from the United States of Sweden, who had to pay half a million kroner since Timbro and Aftonbladet revealed that the union made declarations that contradicted the ideas of democracy.

"Doubtful person to invite"

She also teaches the young sisters Al-Istiqahma who now deny that a large number of brothers disappeared in Syria.

– Of course it's a controversial man to invite. He has undoubtedly moved into extreme environments with people who went to Iraq / Syria, "said Sofie Löwenmark, who at the Doku Foundation evaluates the jihad environment in Sweden and also works as an independent columnist at Expressen.

Hussein Hamad writes in a text to Kvällsposten that he has nothing but answer the questions.

"Your questions are so exhausted and obscure views of Islamophobic thinking that they could almost be the pieces of Rumpolnikov in crimes and punishments," he writes.

Sofie Löwenmark commented on Islam in Sweden. He says the salafist's predecessor was in extreme environments and that SSU "sunny" had the opportunity to invite a more appropriate minister.


The debate was led by Rizwan Elahi, former chairman of SSU Skåne, and 11th in the Swedish parliamentary list, who presented the inviteed "wide panel that can represent many views in society."

The group included, among others, a priest representing the Swedish Church and SSU Mediha Ahmadi, who was an ombudsman and a member of the preparations for democracy, gender equality and human rights and who is now a member of the city council and replaced in the city council.

Mediha Ahmadi commented that men and women refused to tighten their hands with people of different sex.

"If you work in the public sector, you should be able to make sure that you as a woman do not want to be involved with a man or if you do not want to go with a woman for religious reasons," he said during the debate.

The nightmare asked Mediha Ahmadi to return late on Wednesday. He answers the Evening Post as follows:

"It has come to my senses that you are trying to misunderstand me. What I have said is that I personally would not be upset if someone chose not to move my hands with me.

SSU Malmö President: "What he said about islamophobia sounded good"

When the night job seeks Tiba Awni, president of SSU Malmö, he replies that the region has organized a series of lectures on oppression in society.

One of the events was Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and oppression due to religion.

It refers to an event organized by Pedagog Malmö in 2015 and Youth Against Racism. The city of Malmö has invited you a lecturer from the Swedish Anti-Semitism Committee and Hussein Hamad.

Two years later, SSU chose Malmö's president to invite Hussein Hamad.

"I thought that what he said about Islamophobia sounded good, and none of what he said showed that he had radical Salafist views or something like that, so I chose to invite him to our event." I never heard radical radical views until now. known that SSM Malmö naturally did not invite him.

Common theory of anti-Semitic conspiracy

In the social media, many assets of SSU Skåne shared both violence and anti-Semitic positions.

Mohammed Adeeb, president of the SSU Malmö Center, shared the conspiracy theory that the Egyptian president is a "Zionist agent with a Jewish mother".

Mohammed Adeeb, president of the SSU Malmö Center, shared a conspiracy theory on August 17th that Egyptian President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi is ruled by Israel to be a "Zionist agent" with a "Jewish mother."

"The lines of Zionism have destroyed Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya"

On May 26, another SSU activist shared a position in which al-Aqsa Al-Aqsa brigades of the EU witnessed that "Zionist tails ruined Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya."

Another example is Ajat El-Khalayli, former president of SSU Helsingborg, who is in the Children's and Educational Council and is in the 2010-18 City Council.

It is one of the 33 SSU units that wrote in a discussion paper about Aftonbladet that the area "unlikely to crumble"

Images of children carrying arms and flags of the Israeli flag have liked the former president of SSU Helsingborg, who in an article said that the SSU review is "false facts".

Ajat El-Khalayli has liked photos on Facebook where the Israeli flag is burning and where children are weapons. Also commented on the photos positively.

Even it has been pursued without success.

Despite repeated attempts to reach SSU and S members via SSU Skåne, the SSU, the Social Democrats in Malmö and Helsingborg, Ajat El-Khalayli, Mohammed Adeeb, regional secretary Electra Ververidis, SSU activist and chairman Mansour Ahmad did not respond.

Following Evening Post's announcement, the journalist of the newspaper also contacted SSU federal secretary Andrea Törnestam. He tells us that Muhammad Abed was summoned by his council to resign during the day as he has done.

"I look very seriously on Evening Post's duties The SSU's national control function has suspended the members referred to in the article while a deeper review of the data is in progress.If it is true that SSU Skåne's representatives acted in a manner that violates the values we will act decisively against it. There is no room for extreme views within the SSU. ", writes Törnestam in the message.

"If the information is correct, some parts of the information should not be able to avoid the current management of a region. It is very difficult for SSU Skåne to restore confidence and still receive funding from the federation."

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