Monday , October 3 2022

The delight of Ulrika after the million of Triss in Nyhetsmorgon


Saturday morning it was Ulrika Lassander's turn to scratch Triss on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon.

Three trumpets trumpet to Ulrika Lassander two months ago. And at first he thought someone was trying to trick her.

But after calling the Svenska Spel to get the winch confirmed, she started to get up for her.

"But I knew yesterday when we went to the hotel that it was not really true, but now I'm starting to realize it's real," Svenska Spel said in a press release.

In the first batch, Ulrika Lassander extinguishes that she will receive money every month for ten years. But in the second bout comes the great joy.

100,000 crowns per month for ten years. There will be a profit of twelve million crowns. Ulrika Lassander launches on a top of joy and raises his hands against the sky.

Photo: Svenska Spel

"Very Unusual"

And programmer Jenny Alversjö is overwhelmed by herself.

– YES! I'm entirely chess, he says on the show.

Ulrika has some plans for what the money should do. She is often in Spain, and in Jenny Alversjo, she says it may be a Spanish course.

"There can be some investment in Spain where we have a lot. We like Spain, it is very close," he says in the press release.

According to Svenska Spel, Ulrika Lassander is the third in a little more than a year, earning up to 100,000 a month.

– It's very rare, but surprisingly fun! Ulrika admitted that she felt it would be a really big victory and that she decided to change tonight. First, he had decided to get the number nine, but then chose the 18th lottery and he was the one who broke 100,000 crowns, so it was at least a successful late decision, "says Spelen's Magnus Fridell.

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