Friday , March 31 2023

The golden clasp goes to Kyrkeby Bränneri


The Spirit Academy is made up of fourteen different people. Their purpose is, among other things, to "reward the one who does the spirits well". From 2013, the winner has been featured by "Golden Nub". This year he went to a company and museum in Vissefjärda in the municipality of Emmaboda.

The statement states:
"Gustaf III appreciates Kyrkeby to the extent that he allowed the distillery to burn the drink during the ban in 1771. The alcohol academy appreciates Kyrgyz to the extent that the distillery is awarded in 2018" Golden nub "

Anor since the 18th century

Bränneriet has since the late 1700s, but it was in the 1970s. But in 2000, some guys went together to renovate and learn to make potato fires. Two times, the burner can generate every 1,771 bottles that expired quickly. In addition to the planned burning planned one week a year, the Kyrkeby burning is open as a museum for the public. The award of the Gold nub is an incentive to continue.

"The gold piece is a surprisingly good prize and a real hit on the shoulder for us who work with Kyrkeby," says spice champ Jens Johannisson. We are a small team that works ideally to keep alive the old and accelerate the visitor's goal.

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