Sunday , September 25 2022

The man at the hospital after shooting at Silvergården


The man at the hospital after shooting at Silvergården

A 35-year-old man is taken to Helsingborg Castle after shooting at the Silver Farm in Landskrona. His injury is not life-threatening, according to the police.

picture: Patrick Persson

Shooting is considered to have taken place in a courtyard at Silvergården at 22.30.

"An injured man has been dragged by a private car at the Helsingborg laser station," said Anna Göransson, president of the police center.

Humans should not have life-threatening injuries.

The incident is classified as an alleged assassination attempt, but there is currently no suspicion of the incident. An important lock has been created in relation to the current yard and a number of apartment doors, as well as some smaller storage buildings and parts of a parking space.

Weapons operate from midnight and medical doctors are also on the road to conducting technical research.

The so-called police gun dog appeared at midnight to look for traces of shooting.picture: Patrick Persson

picture: Patrick Persson

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