Monday , March 20 2023

There are no big mistakes when the woman gets to death


It was in February that her mother and daughter disappeared into the woods of Sävsjö without the proper clothes, after which the police took twelve hours to find them. At that time, they had left the asylum in which they lived.

When found, 13 hours later, the mother had frozen and her daughter was so frozen that her legs were mutilated. The two were found under spruce, the temperature was twelve minus degrees.

Searched for large area

A witness pointed to the direction the woman and the child disappeared, but the police searched for a larger area.

Estimates later turned out to be "as inappropriate as fewer overtime" but not to cause disciplinary action, "said PG Gunnar Edeland, head of the Discrimination and Disciplinary Panel.

The former prosecutor's investigation found that best cooperation had made no difference as weather was the main problem.

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