Thursday , June 30 2022

Volvo takes its largest South American bus order in ten years


Volvo buses have In a public contract with two bus operators, the mission was to deliver 700 city buses to Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

According to a press release, orders are the largest for Volvo in ten years in South America and a result of a significant commission in Bogota, where 1,441 buses are purchased in the city's Transitnio transit system.

Volvo participated as a partner of Fanalca / Transdev and Somos K, both of which have been awarded contracts.

Mainly Transdev of France competes with Nobina in Sweden and runs about half of the traffic in the city of Gothenburg. In addition, the company has the airport buses.

In October, they are sold Veolia, the second largest of the two French shareholders and the owner of which was previously partly named, was 34% of Transdev in the German family group Rethmann. The sale took place a few years after the announcement of Veolia's intention to sell.

Footnote: There are a number of bus buses in the trade language (see Fish).

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