Tuesday , October 4 2022

20 minutes – High property damage after a fire in the apartment


The fire of an apartment on the ground floor of a blockhouse in Birmensdorf ZH resulted in material damage of more than 200,000 francs on Saturday night. No one was injured. Two apartments are uninhabited. Residents found refuge in relatives.

The fire report was received shortly after 6:00 pm, according to a report by the Cantonal Police in Zurich on Sunday. The disconnected fire service could quickly bring the fire under control.

No resident was injured

Residents of the apartment building would have left this independently so that no one was injured. The abductees were cared for and cared for during a firefighting operation in a civil protection unit. For the firefighting service, the Mattenweg had to close for several hours.

According to the original findings, the fire had broken into the bedroom of the ground floor apartment. The broken windows eventually spread the flames on the facade and caused serious damage to the above apartment. The cause of the fire was initially unclear and clarified by experts from the fire detection service of the Zurich cantonal police.


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