Thursday , June 8 2023

20 minutes – The Streaming Millionaire wins the Basler Pop Award


"I feel great," said Mischa Düblin. Now the 27-year-old family knows why the long hours spent in the couwuter with the headphones were worth it. Basler, which reaches a million listeners named Audio Dope for Spotify, won the tenth Basel Pop award on Wednesday night.

Zeal & Ardor wins the Basel Pop 2017 Prize

A springboard for the national or best international career should be the Basel Pop prize. The trophy, endowed with 15,000 francs, is the highest prize for popular musical creation in Basel. The prize was awarded for the tenth time at Münchensteiner Fahrbar. For the first time, however, the prize went to a spokesman for electronic music. The music of Audio Dope was technoid but also supported by human warmth, he said.

Audio Dope was nominated for the second time for the most important Basel Pop-Schaffens Prize. Next to him were Metal-flyers and last year's winners Zeal & Ardor, Anna Aaron, Alma Negra and rapper La Nefera. The latter won the audience award set by electronic vote with a strong lead.

Money for many years of work and business

The recognition prize, worth 5,000 francs, went to singer Bettina Schelker, who has successfully traveled in various formations and as a solo artist for more than 25 years. Today with the Thomas Baumgartner Basque Thunderbird and Blackberry Brandies.

Rockförderverein Basel also received a total of 24,000 CHF in business support on Wednesday. The amount is shared by One Drop Studio (12,000) and Czar of Crickets and Planisphere (6,000 each).


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