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A final Prooosi – –


The announcement is completely melodramatic: "23. Oktoberfest, for the last time in Bauschänzli, "says Fred Tschanz, and we are delighted to play, even though we know: Even after the change of tenant at Candrian Catering at the end of the year, there will be another Oktoberfest on the island Limmat next autumn.

But will it still be the way it has always been? Therefore: Fast one last time out, only until the end of the week still serve mugs of beer, sausages and half Hendl.

We are not a debut away from it. About 15 years ago, we, even students, first ignored the brass music and walked the narrow pier to the beer scene. This gait remains the same today, nothing is more of us than Umpa Umpa – except that one day of the year.

What we have celebrated here festivals. We were still able to convince Thomas and Marcel, both were willing to be recognized by anyone. On the stalls they stood at an advanced hour, but they also sang. Or the night with Thomas and Urs. At one point, when he proudly presented the locker key with which his assets in the UK had been forcibly seized. Where Urs grabbed the key and threw him over the stage. Then Thomas found him after a long search – and paying a round of beer at the table …

Halloween is not the same!

Or Manuel and Sascha, who had the idea of ​​running home with a mountain bike after visiting Bauschänzli. Fortunately, the effort has already failed when starting on the sidewalk. Or the legendary night in a group of ten, when we were quite early in a year to close a table.

But this time is too late, and also the motivation is manageable with our friends bar scene. Another thing is: Basketball games and Halloween (Dominik notes that this is actually the same thing, but of course it is not!). So only Remo and I are at the agreed time before Bauschänzli for Derniere. 5 pm, not a moment later. If you want to get one of the rare places without booking, you will have to arrive early.

Inside, we send you to the far corner of the stage. All other places had already been sold in advance.

Fun stops on prices

Speaking of expensive: We are hungry and thirsty and look forward. The latter temporarily slows down. Because the servant daughter does not make a joke, just like in their coin pocket for money change. In the coin apartment. Two beer masses and two pork trunks make it unnecessary 90 francs. The fun of the Oktoberfest in Zurich Bauschänzli can be popular, the prices are not. We'll swallow before the jugs get on our lips – empty.

But the raw pork body reconciles us, nothing is better with beer. Meanwhile, the chapel pays tribute to Tirlerland ("why are you so beautiful"), a classic Oktoberfest, although the regions have nothing to do with it, except for their preference for brazen music and beer.

Bauschänzli has always been a substitute for us if a trip to the original in Munich did not exist in time. But the spirit of Munich is obvious: The staff of the service is Oktoberfest-stilted, the band is warming up for Zurich. Or not.

When they talk about Matthias Reim, they win us, we agree, booing first. And then in "Prooosi of comfort", making the pitchers all over the stage to be stressed, even loud.

A farewell "little" beer

Not the whole audience is a secure text. Although the overwhelming majority is lederhosen, it does not seem all relaxed. The growing number of Lederhosen showed well the years of accepting the Wiesn copies. But we have to smile for another visitor to Bauschänzli. It sings strongly, but it will fit into its very large "Lederhosen" cloth better at Fasnacht – especially when it lands a little later at the swallow seat.

Meanwhile, we are discussing how we could end our Derniere worthy. And you have an idea: We care for a farewell premiere and order for the first time: a "small" beer. Excerpts are worth it because at 364 days a year we would not say a small 5-dl piece. Now we are thinking of leaving with a heavy heart long before the big finale, because the mood when the band finally votes Robbie Williams' "Angels" would be a nice piece of memory.

But we do not want to stay until the bitter end. And get a bittersweet farewell. "I'm initially afraid, I'm not fossil," begins the singer. And we think about going out of the scene among the people weighing beer in the melody of Gloria Gaynor: Yeah, we'll survive it somehow. And otherwise stop again in 2019.


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