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"Adam is looking for Eva" in RTL: This scene of naked show is so hot that RTL must be pixeln – Panorama


"Adam Seeks Eve" in RTL: This scene of the naked show is so hot that the RTL has to pixel

on 11/17/2018 at 11:15 pm

Gina-Lisa Lohfink spoke of her sexual preferences.

Gina-Lisa Lohfink spoke of her sexual preferences.

Photo: MG RTL D

The third episode "Adam is looking for Eve"At RTL has just ten seconds. And it must RTL pixeln the naked broadcast. And that's not right now.

The Cologne private station put the gold leaf of figs only on the bare, round edge of the Eva celebrity Gina-Liza Lochkin (32) and the regular bond Sherilyn (21). It was better, the view of the "sanctuary of saints" that you really should not have.

Twerking School in "Adam Seeks Eve"

The scene even had a learning effect. Not for the viewer, but for the audience Gina-Liza LochkinHe had never set the tone. At least he says, "I suddenly had to climb or whatever that means. I always wanted to know how to shake my ass like that."

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Yes, just an idiot that the violent shake of Germany's former "Next Top Model" participant was at the expense of other parts of the body. "My tits have passed. I can not get my ass off."

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Sherylin is seriously ill

It was not entirely safe, the action was also for Sherilyn dancer. The 21-year-old suffers from metabolic cystic fibrosis. In her case, especially the lungs were affected.

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A fact expressed by the fact that you also need to use a snorkel on board. No problem for them, why Gina-Lisa obviously already. When she sees the device, the tears in her eyes shoot: "Oh, I do not see that."


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Gina-Lisa explodes in tears

Immediately the 32-year-old gets up. Fly under the deck. Explains the situation in the candidate Martin for a cigarette: "It hurts so much. He can not help. Why should he do that? She has to do it until the end of her life. She's a pretty girl. It hurts me so much that she has to do that. Did nothing. She has lived a lot and so, I look at her. I always wonder why people who are so cute get things like that. Why does he have this? Why can not God put it?

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A difficult discussion about the sensitive one Gina-LisaFortunately, he has equally sensitive board colleagues like Martin or even Sherilyn herself, who could make her cry Lohfink Look fast and turn the mood on the boat back to the positive.

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