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Bambi Ceremony for the Anniversary of the Stars of the World ONLINE TIME


Berlin (dpa) – Bambis will be awarded for the 70th time this Friday. for anniversary Stars such as Sophia Loren, Rod Stewart and Thomas Gottschalk are expected to attend the Berlin Gala.

Stewart (73, "Sailing") will receive Bambi in the "Legend" category. The star of Spain's Hollywood Penélope Cruz will also be there and will be honored as the best international actor, Hubert Burda Media announced. The 89-year-old actress Liselotte Pulver gets a golden deer for her life's work.

Approximately 1000 guests from exhibitions, sports, fashion and politics are expected at the Stade Theater in Berlin. Loren and Gottschalk are back together on stage in moments from Bambi's 70-year history. The former "The Wagering That ..?" The presenter was in titles for various reasons: his villa in Malibu climbed to the flames during the California forest fires.

But in advance there was a small scandal: footballers Franck Ribery he should have taken a Bambi – but the organizers decided a few days before the gala. "Arjen Robben and Franck Ribéry were originally taking a Bambi for their outstanding performance as one of the most creative duo players in the Bundesliga," said Hubert Burda Media at the German press agency. He was opposed to the prize, after Ribéry physically put on a journalist after defeating Borussia Dortmund.

"We can not accept such behavior towards media representatives as a journalist. We regret that a great athlete Arjen Robben is affected by this decision ". It was not known at first whether another athlete was awarded.

Conversely, several other concerts and candidates in the other categories have already been confirmed in advance: Udo Lindenberg (72) will present the song "Wirziehen in der Frieden" along with an orchestra and the choir "Kids on Stage". British singer Dua Lipa (23, "New Rules") should also appear, has already won many international awards this year and can now look forward to a golden girl. Lipa takes the prize in the "International Music" category. As the best national musician Mark Forster (34, "We Are Big") is awarded a Bambi. In other categories, it is still not clear who will win – like the "New German Music Stars". The audience has to choose between Leo, Nico Santos, Mike Singer and ESC star Michael Schulte.

Even in national films and TV categories, the winners have not yet been determined. A jury decides who gets the prizes at the end. Paula Beer, Marie Bäumer, Claudia Michelsen and Liv Lisa Fries can all hope for an award as an "actress of the year". Lars Eidinger, Peter Kurth, Sebastian Koch and Rita Kida Khodr are men for men. The prize for the best series will be awarded to "Babylon Berlin", "Bad Banks" or "Dark". Luke Mockridge (29) receives a trophy in the "Comedy" category. Like other guests, for example, actress Heino Ferch and guests Palina Rojinski and Lena Gercke are expected.

Incidentally, the Bambis were not always gold: the first prizes were given to the winners a white ceramic deer. The gala will be broadcast from 8.15 pm in the live first.

Moments from the history of Babi

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