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"Bares for Rares" today in live streaming and TV: So you see a new topic


Takes care of Rares at ZDF
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Today, on 7.11.2018, is a new episode "Bares for Rares"If you do not want to miss a new version of" Bares for Rares, "then you have to 15:05 clock in the ZDF turn it on, because here is the antique show running. If you prefer to watch TV online: ZDF also offers a live stream on the internet,

"Bares for Rares" on TV today: This is "The Junk Show with Horst Lichter"

Precious or useless? Whether old bric-a-brac or noble rarity: In Horst Lichters The unwanted sight allows anyone to appreciate rare finds from the basement or garage. The story of adventures, many treasures, and even more rarely, tough negotiation with laughter, tears and many surprises – all Horst Lichter offers to "Bares for Rares". (Text: ZDF, which is broadcast by FUNKE magazine magazines)

Repeat "Bares for Rares" online at ZDF-Mediathek and on TV

For all, "Bares for Rares" today, on 7.11.2018 at 15:05, can not look: Here, the ZDF media library could be useful. Here you will find countless TV shows after direct broadcasting as a video on demand, ZDF shows "The junk show with Horst Lichter" and once again on TV: Am 13/11/2018 with 3:05 clock,

"Bares for Rares" on TV: all the information again at a glance

during: 7.11.2018 (first show)

in the: ZDF

with: Horst Lights

theme: The Unwanted Show with Horst Lichter

year of production: 2018

length: 55 minutes (from 15:05 to 16:00)

In HD: Yes

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