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Champions League failures do not harm the value of the YB – Football – Sports market


Kevin Mbabu is at his best. It continues to run above and below the right wing. He gives Guillaume Hoarau a 1-0 lead with a low bit, and then the full-back beats even the bar with a strong shot to make it 2-0. 1,500 Berner fans celebrate YB's first win in the Champions League (CL) in Valencia. You know: With a victory against Manchester United, the knockout stages are now possible.

The 23-year-old knows that there are several scouts from major clubs and knows the story of Manuel Anani, who in January after strong performances in the championship category for 24, 6 million francs were transferred from FC Basel to Borussia Dortmund.

At the heart of the top clubs

Of course, this little story is fantastic. In fact, YB will be in Valencia tonight. But interesting is already the question, what happens to the market prices in a club, which runs for the first time in the top class. Christoph Spycher, head of the sport, says: "Participation in the Champions League can certainly have a positive effect.

Foreign top clubs use the opportunity to see if a player at the highest level can do excellence. "But we should not think that a CL player has two times the market value. If he plays badly, he can also have a negative result, says Spycher.

Zurich made their debut in the Champions League nine years ago when they played against AC Milan, Real Madrid and Marseille. President Ancillo Canepa notes: "Players like Mehmedi, Margairaz, Alphonse, Djuric, Abdi, Leoni, Koch or Nikci later moved abroad."

But Canepa admits that only the transfer of Admir Mehmedi to Kiev (according to for 4 million Swiss francs, the Reds.) It was economically interesting. "In addition, FCZ has remained under a European observatory, which has benefited from Rodriguez, Drmic, Gavranovic or Elvedi, who could then be transported later," says Canepa.

Basic parameter "Youth"

Thanks to CL, so far only the FCB player could sell tens of millions. They shared the youth. a key feature in this business, as noted by the then sports director Georg Heitz. At the age of 20, Shaqiri went to Bayern, Granitz Haka in Gladbach with 19, Salah 21 in Chelsea and Ebole 19 in Schalke.

Are these transfers made exclusively by CL? No, Heitz says, citing the example of Matheus Cunha, who recently moved from Sion to Leipzig for a lot of money (CHF 18.1 million). Without this, Wallis played internationally. But these cases are the exception.

"Good results attract attention"

Still remembering what happened a year ago at the FCB, already under the new leadership of President Bernhard Burgener and sports director Marco Streller, after the impressive results of the CL team. The purchase value of the group rose from 47.25 million to 61.30 and after the lucrative Akanji transfer and Elyunius for 20.6 million francs in Southampton, Vaclik for 8 million in Sevilla and Lang for 2.8 million sold in Gladbach. "Good results attract attention," says Heitz.

The FCB had fulfilled a year ago with strong results, the Young Boys lost twice 0-3 and made a draw. So market prices have already fallen into the basement? "No, I do not think so," says Spycher. "The results are one thing, but it is above all the performance that is closely monitored. Ours were very good, except for Turin, and the market value may even have risen."

Too early for such thoughts

The 40 year old, however, thinks it is reading coffee to make such thoughts at this stage of the group stage. Consequently, Spycher does not want to speculate on whether there is already in the winter sales of players. "We see ourselves as an educational association and we are ready for transport. But we do not give players below market value. Winter transcripts are just as special because clubs are correcting and reacting rather than acting. "Like Akanji and BVB, who rushed to prevent the fight.

Georg Heitz says: "If you have such heavyweight in the team as YB, the results do not push for market prices." Research departments are professional and can easily classify if individual players can compete at this level. "

YB will sell well in 2019

Player adviser Gaetano Giallanza, who advises Ballboos YB David's goalkeeper, says: "YB has not lost 5-0." One should also see that after the Champions League reform, only the top clubs are here. that market value has been damaged. "If YB would cross Europe across Europe, it would certainly go up. "YB will be able to sell well next year. This is also interesting for consultants," says Giallanza.

According to, the value of the YB team, which amounted to FRF 38,80 million in July 2017, rose from 18,90 to 78,85 million in the summer. He is ranked 29th in the 32 CL club. Of the YB players, Kevin Mbabu is the market leader with 10.88 million Swiss francs and in the summer of 2017 he was worth less than one million. Since the beginning of this period its value has increased by 2.8 million. Against ManUnited and Valencia, Mbabu has been persuaded in Bern, in Turin against Juve, that he was missing a wounded man.

If he plays real life in Valencia today, as originally described fictionally, then YB can solve for Geneva in January, compared with 20 million francs. That would be because Denis Zakarias finished (13.8 million) a lone club record.

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