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New cloud Google head of business

AREA VIEW – There is a change in Google cloud leadership. Former boss Diane Greene is retiring, the leadership takes over next year, former Oracle manager Thomas Kurian. He had abandoned the software company, which has lately led to product development in September. According to Bloomberg's past financial information, it has been different for reasons Larry Elizon About strategy. Kurian wanted to run more Oracle software in cloud services than competitors like Amazon or Microsoft – while Ellison hit the internal infrastructure.

ROUNDUP: Rhn-Klinikum wants to take over the ion beam treatment center

BAD NEUSTADT / MARBURG / HEIDELBERG – New hope for Marburg ion therapy: If everything goes smoothly, RHN-KLINIKUM takes on the insolvent Marburg Ion Radiation Therapy Center GmbH as the sole shareholder from next year.

The test of Mercedes-Benz Bank is about to start in late January

STUTTGART – The Supreme District Court of Stuttgart wants to deal with the model of compensation against Mercedes-Benz Bank auto loan agreements by the end of January. On 25 January, the sixth session under President-elect Oliver Mosthaf has already set a first date, as affirmed by the parties involved. Community protection for bank customers, which sees the shortcomings in the rules for the withdrawal of bank loans, has filed a lawsuit.

Thyssenkrupp: Smaller compensation for the former head of cartel investigations

PHYSICS – The preliminary investigation into thyssenkrupp for possible steel price cartels could also have consequences for former CEO Heinrich Hiesinger's retirement indemnities. "These are issues from the time of Heinrich Hiesinger, who have nothing to do with his role," said Board Board Donatus Kaufmann, although the Dsseldorfer "Rheinische Post" (Saturday). "Nevertheless, the provision, unlike the usual one, will have an impact on Heinrich Hiesinger's compensation." The head of ThyssenKrupp, who retired in the summer, attached great importance to taking full account of the Group's risks when calculating its compensation.

Interpol renews investigation against Hungarian Hernadi leader

ZAGREB / BUDAPEST – Zsol Hernady, the general manager of the Hungarian oil company, Mol, is again seeking an Interpol inquiry into allegations of corruption from Croatia. Following the honor of the representatives of Hungary and Croatia, the executive committee of the international police organization decided in the margins of the annual general meeting in Dubai to renew the international arrest warrant that was abolished in 2016. This was announced by the Croatian interior ministry on Saturday night in Zagreb.

VW chief criticizes politics and calls for a "real agenda car"

WOLFSBURG – VW (Volkswagen (VW)) – Herbert Dennis has called for federal politics to have a more positive attitude towards the automotive industry. "Unfortunately, today, almost anyone in the German party scenery can not imagine a positive outlook for the car," said Diess at the Bild am Sonntag. It lacks a "real agenda" in Germany. In addition, someone had stayed for too long with oil peaks. "In summary, I realize that we only believe in research into research, from elections to elections, so we can not develop a business position," Dice said.

Versandhndler Weltbild sees itself after insolvency on the right track

AUGUST – Over four years after bankruptcy, Versandhndler Weltbild sees himself on the right track. "We are in terms of net income, after bankruptcy back to the plus," said CEO Christian Sailer of "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Saturday). "The recovery has succeeded, it's over, we've sank." Sailer is rumored, however, that the bottom line was still reduced jobs and branches will be closed.

"Mirror": Railroad needs more billions for investment

BERLIN – According to a report by Der Spiegel, Deutsche Bahn hopes for significantly higher investment budgets from the federal government. For the period from 2020 to 2025, the Board of Governors expects up to seven billion euros per year, according to the magazine, with the documents for the Supervisory Board meeting next week.

Too many exits: The Bahn station exchanges long-distance passenger ships

BERLIN – Many delays in Deutsche Bahn have staff consequences. In the future, Philipp Nagl will be responsible for production in the responsible subsidiary, DB Fernverkehr, to return the ICE to the road sooner after the repair. The former head of the schedule follows Kai Brggemann, who "set up his council office on his own request and left the company," a spokesman for the railway service said on Sunday in Berlin. Previously, "Bild am Sonntag" reported on this.

Daldrup Boss Airport: BER start 2020 by Mngel are not threatened

SCHNEFELD – Despite the numerous abarbeitenden shortage at the terminal of the future capital BER airport, remains according to the operator's timetable information. "Putting into operation in October 2020 is not in jeopardy," Engelbert Ltke Daldrup, head of the airport, said on Friday. He also secured compliance with the testing requirements in Brandenburg. At the same time, he pointed out that, according to the building code, it was possible to work on defects related to safety and to eliminate defects of defects after their completion. Brandenburg's Infrastructure Minister Kathrin Schneider (SPD) also spoke on Friday to grab shortcomings.


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