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KARL MAY & CO .: The Karl-May-Freilichtspiele Engelberg continues his journey


<New Karl May festival in Bavaria

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In 2019, "Winnetou and the oil prince" will be introduced to Switzerland

The spectacular natural landscape of the Engelberg scene Karl May (photo: organizer).

Karl May's rural games in Engelberg (Switzerland) will continue in 2019. After the future of the stage, which was founded in 2017, was in the spotlight – the 2018 season ended with a minus viewer – it is now clear that the Winnetou Ölprinz "will be presented in the summer of 2019. As the Luzerner Zeitung said today, the new partners are probably responsible for this as Western OpenAir & Theater GmbH's hospitality took into account:" Because the exact form of cooperation is not yet final , the organizers do not want to announce the partners. Thanks to them, the previous owners donors such as Engelberg and Engelberg-Titlis-Tourismus and other donors, but you are broadly supporting and securing sustainable funding, says Florian Niffeler, CEO of Western OpenAir & Theater GmbH, "the newspaper said. the number of performances in 2019 will drop from the previous 33 to 21. And: "There are four appearances a week from Thursday to Sunday, both of which have 1,500 seats instead of 2000. All are covered for the first time." A flexible grandstand concept allows the creation of extra seats n. Categories, "says Luzerner Zeitung.

Producer and Winnetou will again be Tom Volkers. Further details will be clarified in the coming weeks, according to Volkers at the Luzerner Zeitung. Information: www.karlmay.ch

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