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No goal conceded – Yakin set a record as a national team coach and praised Embolo as “brilliant”



Nati’s head coach Murat Yakin is happy to be second in the group after the Lithuanian victory. The national team is now confidently heading for the Italian crackers.

Tobias Wedermann


Nati striker Breel Embolo made it 1-0 with a powerful header.


  • The first four competitive games without conceding a goal. The coach of any national team could not achieve this.

  • Murat Yakin is pleased with this and is already looking in the direction of the Italian cracker.

  • He also praised striker Breel Embolon: “He was brilliant.”

Nati scored six points, six goals and is still unbeaten against Northern Ireland and Lithuania. Good for head coach Murat Yakin: no national coach has ever conceded a goal in the first four competitive games. “Of course I’m happy as a coach, and I’m sure Yann Sommer, who isn’t used to it, was happy,” Yakin said after his side’s 4-0 win over Lithuania on Tuesday night. However, this does not mean that they will play more defensively under him. “The defense starts from the beginning and we have players for that.”

Overall, the 47-year-old is satisfied with the second Nati stage under the guidance of a specialist. “We missed some players against Italy and Northern Ireland in September, some are back now and you can see the impact.” Yakin means Kherdan Shaqiri or Breel Embolo. Second, he scored both goals against Northern Ireland and two against Lithuania on Tuesday. “In Breel, you can see very well what game, fitness and goals can lead to – it was brilliant.” However, it is still important for the players in their clubs to keep their rhythm in the coming weeks, play good games and, above all, stay healthy.

Whether Embolo will lead Haris Sefervoic again in the upcoming games in the center of the storm, it seems very difficult according to the current performance. “Haris Seferovic must first be in good shape, play games and score goals. It’s extremely important for a striker, “said Yakin.

“We are going to Rome with confidence”

On November 12, the European champion is waiting for the final for the group victory against Italy. “We are going to Rome with confidence. The Italians will be his home under pressure.” If you can keep zero for a long time, make a few mistakes and make a strong march, Switzerland has a good chance of success in Italy. “But I’m also happy that we finished second two games before the end,” Yakin said. “Probably not everyone thought so.” According to the outcome of the match between Northern Ireland and Italy and the second Swiss match against Bulgaria in Lucerne, Nati would theoretically be enough to win the group by even a draw with Italy. Both teams currently have 14 points, but Switzerland have conceded two less.

After the Lithuanian game, the winner of the match, Breel Embolo, also looked directly at the Italian cracker in the SRF: “Everything is now under our feet to take first place in the group.”

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