Sunday , May 28 2023

Rega landed with a new helicopter before the Federal Palace


The Bulgarian Rega base crew answered the audience's questions and explained the curiosity about what the plane could do. Helicopter and jet pilots, paramedics, emergency doctors, mechanics and commanders provided information, inter alia, to Rega's report.

The new "Heli" will first be released on October 23rd. The base crew of the Regia base in Bern, from Spitalzentrum Biel to the Inselspital in Bern, delivered a patient.

Rega has a total of six H145s and replaces its fleet on the Central Plateau. Rega invests about 52 million francs on the six helicopters, including medical equipment.

The Airbus H145 is significantly stronger than its primary EC 145, which increases the safety in use, as Rega writes.

Inside there is a spacious cabin that is specifically equipped for intensive medical specialty transportation. On board, for example, a heart-lung machine or a transport incubator for premature babies. (SDA)

Posted: 02.11.2018 | Updated: 14:50

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