Monday , March 20 2023

The police operation at Arth-Goldau stops the train running


The railway route through Arth-Goldau is currently blocked. The reason for this is a police operation in the station area. The area is completely sealed.

At the intersection of the North-South route, nothing is done. The rail service is interrupted. The reason is the high use of police. According to SBB, the disorder lasts at least until 10 pm "Travelers should avoid the route whenever possible today," says SBB spokesman Raffael Hirt on request.

A reader reports from Eurocity the route from Milan to Zurich to BLICK: "They are staying here shortly after Arth-Goldau for about 30 minutes, no one is allowed to leave the train, all cars are combed."

According to another reader reader, it is a bomb alert. The police did not want to confirm this. More detailed information will follow later. The fire brigade is in the area with a team.

According to Hirt, they are currently working hard to organize replacement connections.

The following SBB connections are missing at this time:

– S-Bahn trains S32 are between Arth-Goldau and Immensee.
– The S31 Bahn trains S31 fall between Arth-Goldau and Sattel-Aegeri.
– The S-Bahn S3 trains end between Küssnacht am Rigi and Brunnen.
– S-Bahn S2 trains are between Walchwil and Schwyz.

– The IR Basel – Erstfeld trains leave between Lucerne and Schwyz.
– The IR Zurich HB – Erstfeld trains leave between Zurich HB and Schwyz.
– IR Trains (UAE) Lucerne – St. Gallen leave between Küssnacht am Rigi and Sattel-Aegeri.
– ICN Basel SBB – Lugano trains depart between Lucerne and Flüelen.
– IC Zurich HB – Lugano trains are between Zurich HB and Lugano.
– The EC Zurich HB – Milano Centrale trains are between Zurich HB and Flüelen.

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