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"Hanjia Rivers and Lakes" CB closed beta, official public beta launch link 4Gamers


Produced by the Han squirrel game studio, the martial arts original mobile game "Hanjia Jianghu"

This (15) day announced that the CB of iOS and Android dual platforms will not be deleted for 1 month.

The public test, the group of squirrels also opened an incentive for the development of new ones, starting from 15 November 2018

For a month, as the beginner creates a new character during this period and continues to grow, you will become rich

It's time to reward you and get into the rivers and lakes!

The conditions of activity are as follows:

1. The character reaches level 10 to receive the money * 10000 Regular Equipment Box * 8 Prayer Beads * 1

2. The character can reach the level of 30. Knight's equipment box * 8 The mansion box * 8 The blessing of the pearl * 3

3. The character reaches level 50 to receive the adventure price * 200 challenge price * 500 blessing spirit beads * 10

※ Prepaid rewards will be sent today to serial number alerts.

Promotional Video:

The world of martial arts depicted in "Hanjia Rivers and Lakes" is not a true dynasty of southern songs, but an aerial world based on the pattern of the North and South dynasties in the Song Dynasty. "Buddha Poetry" Wang Wei merges with Buddhism and Taoism. There is a sacred voice in the sword. The first hand "to ask the wine to ask heaven" is still strong and powerful; the younger abandoning the threatening heroic hair; Li Xiangjun blood by blowing the peach fan. Of course, there is also Shi Xian Li Bai, this position has become even BOSS …

Not only known historical facts, but also the beautiful and beautiful peach fairy, the heroic heroes of the elegant style, the strange girl of the ancient spirits, the cold lady Zhang Yue, the master of the piano sword Li Peijun, the action The seeming general neon, the bad character of the cold smoke Tsui Shou sister and other original characters. The ideals of the world and the personal practice of martial arts, rivers and lakes affected by poverty and the fight against the homeland of foreign enemies are interrelated, interpreting the essence of "Xia".

Hanjia Jianghu is not only a martial arts game, but also a river and lake room. There are various game factions that can be worshiped. After gaining religious authority or completing relevant tasks, you can take the head / master to teach martial art. When a footballer is in the rivers and lakes, even after joining martial arts, he can still withdraw and vote for him; he can choose not to join martial art and be self-sufficient. There is no absolute, all with his thoughts.

The following is a description of the many features of "Hanjia Rivers and Lakes":

Interesting pinch:

The pinball face system is also an important feature that players can not lose. In these particularly liberal rivers and lakes, how can you jump in the rivers and lakes without the only face? Quickly create a unique charm through the pinch system!

The Knights develop:

Walking in the rivers and lakes, how can you miss strong teammates? Continue to explore the rivers and lakes to find more collaborators with the right martial arts, mind, talent, equipment and train them to your main teammates!

Strategic Battle:

Hexagonal city chess battles, focusing on pre-war co-location and war strategy.

Drama selection:

Each player option has a significant impact on the progress of the game! Please be careful!

Explore the map:

Labyrinths, snow, dungeons, cities, forests … Explore the hidden treasures of all kinds of items! An exploration team allows the protagonist and up to three teammates to play simultaneously and can match the teammates according to the characteristics of the exploration copy. Before you start exploring, you will need to prepare exploration materials such as: food (to restore the health and inner strength of all players), lenses (for the team to be placed on must be the crit, the use of lenses in (they receive a small amount of health and inner strength for the group, such as monkeys encountering vinification during the exploration and can also take a monkey as a temporary teammate for this exploration), pickaxe Excavation objects Menon and opening some roads), consumables (including Dadandan, cheese, blessed medicine, etc.).

Hangman Hanging:

When you are offline, the rivers and lakes continue! Send your knight to go to justice! According to the passage of time, the heroes will be out. The mission statement can be sent to the knight to perform, and after completing the mission, it will get rich income and can send three teams at the same time!

Gang Group:

Group team to challenge martial arts masters, form a gang to crash rivers and lakes, invite your friends to form a gang, all to work together for the gang, but also get many personal benefits from the gang. BOSS can use hero currencies to buy daily supplies and equipment. The gang will provide a BOSS gang every day according to the level of gangs and previous killing records of each one. This BOSS will share the volume of blood during the period starting. You can get the reward.

Players Play Against:

Real player PK showdown, who is the master of the rivers and lakes! You must have 9 characters (including the protagonist) to enter the character. You can match the opponent according to the current sword rating bar. Before the fight begins, both sides must choose composition and pre-war preparation. After selecting the series, they will automatically fight and earn the extra points and lose. Remove points. The results are calculated using the ELO algorithm and each season (usually in weeks) will also be rewarded based on your final ranking and score!

Daily activities:

As the level of players grows, the most everyday activities that can be accessed, content different from the history of the main story, can bring a different playing experience to the player.

1. Chaos: Open daily from 12:00 to 13:00, from 20:00 to 21:00

Players must participate in level 30. Players will use the "Chaotic Knight Configuration" to conduct 4v4 battles and combine martial arts students, and weekends will lose free drivers and winning 5 consecutive breaks will receive a generous reward!

2. Adventure: Open daily from 12:00 to 21:00, from 22:00 to 23:00

Each time, 2 ~ 4 players participate and challenge the copy together. According to Monday ~ Sunday, there are different rules of battle every day. After the challenge, you can get rewards. The first win will receive extra rewards.

3. Gate Gate Warfare: Open daily from 6:30 to 23:30

In Jianmenguan blocking the thief of the rivers and lakes! We welcome a wave of insults and we will unbelievably make a group of enemy players lower than us to defeat them!

4. Island Adventure: Every Saturday 5:00 ~ 2:00 am next Monday

The shells are the main supports that strengthen themselves on the island by producing shells through daily play. The adventure of the island has a total of 5 layers of challenge, and each level of customs will immediately receive this reward layer, once a week.

Although "Hanjia Jianghu" officially opened beta today, the squirrel squad continues to stop, but the next update has already been developed. Printed, the heart of the rush will eventually fall, "Hanjia Jianghu", waiting for you to come back.

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