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The Taipei men's netizen was recently parked in his car at the Miramar Shopping Mall's underground parking lot, I did not expect the car's motorcycle to scratch when I came back, I was so angry that I was looking for the monitor to watch the monitor. The killer was actually an employee and helpless: "In the future, Miramar stands for B2 001. Do not stop!"

The man in net at the Facebook article of "Breaking Retribution" pointed out that the car was parked at 001 parking lot at the parking lot of Miramar B2 on the evening of the first night and did not expect the whole hood to scratch when he came back. It was close to a white piece that collapsed.

▲ ▼ Beautiful Hua 001 parking lot

▲ ▼ The original PO Bruns stopped at the parking lot but scratched. (Figure / flipping resentment kommune)

▲ ▼ Beautiful Hua 001 parking lot

After looking at the monitor, it turned out that one employee temporarily pulls the white and blue goods on the hood to move the goods and the car to the door. After the original PO finished watching the movie, he asked, "Are not the clothes to release the goods? Mr. help me." He then went to the police to report the case and prepare to report it.

After reading the comments, the netizens commented: "This month has been done," "I do not look to the other party guest, too careless!", "The movie angle can not determine the parking technology, but you're wrong to destroy other people's goods, "I do not want to make a detour, the straight cut is a big loss in the wallet." "I just think the entrance and the exit blocking car are alive?

However, some netizens questioned the moving line. "How can I design parking spaces at the entrance and exit?", "Creating a good parking space," "Are you afraid, so do not stand outside?", "Prevent entry and exit of goods". this!. "

▼ 宾士 man PO out of the parking maintenance cost map. (Figure / flipping resentment kommune)

▲ ▼ Beautiful Hua 001 parking lot

▲ ▼ Beautiful Hua 001 parking lot

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