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Pre-election decisive battle week Taiwan shares consider 9800 points to organize the standard |


Central News Economics / NOWnews
Central News Economics / NOWnews

Observations about the trend in Taiwan's pre-election stocks, election uncertainties, and the recovery of the US stock market are unclear and may suppress short-term stocks in Taiwan to maintain the pattern of about 9800 units.

Taiwan's shares fluctuated at 16 and fell 29.37 points to close at 9790.09 points. The transaction value was $ 116.24 billion and dropped below the 9800 threshold. The three major foreign legal entities and land sales were oversold, and investors and self-employed merchants bought over, and the total market was over 487 million yuan.

According to the Taiwan Stock Exchange statistics, since the 16th, the market value of all listed companies was 29,473.323 billion US dollars, marking a decrease of about 112.374 billion yuan from 9 November, a decrease of about 0.38%.

Liao Zhexhong, director of Taiwan's Allianz Science and Technology Fund, said Taiwan stocks are subject to electoral uncertainty, and the recovery of the US stock market is unknown. In the first paragraph of the report there are still many disturbances of short distance containing noise. When visibility is limited, it is difficult to perform specific performance. Taiwan's depressed stocks are generally held at around 9800 units.

With regard to observation indices, Liao Zhehong said short-term upward support for Taiwan's stocks is around 9700. The surface of the chips includes changes in the balance of vouchers if the volume of trading on the market is warming and the direction of foreign investment.

Chen Shenghao, director of the Risheng Group, said the market was dense in November, but the US-China trade war has affected the demand of the electronics industry, especially Netcom and the servers, and the sales status of the new iPhone is conservative. The key to the trend is the shift of the US-China trade war and the possible dangers of falling demand in mainland China in the future.

In the segment, Liao Zhehong said iPhone sales performance is still the main observation mark. Although iPhone sales have been influenced in the opposite direction and continue to ferment, the wind pipe has begun to slow down.

Chen Haohao analyzed that many electronics industries have experienced factory shifting and demand due to the US-China trade war. Although the performance of consumer electronics has slowed down, the growth of the automotive industry will not be interrupted and demand for networking will not disappear suddenly. Still optimistic about server, cloud, Advanced Driver Support System (ADAS), electric car, 5G, artificial intelligence and other sets of ideas.

Observing industry performance in the fourth quarter, Liao Zhehong pointed out that the current electronics industry has cut its prospects for the fourth quarter, while US manufacturers are distributing goods in advance and quarterly changes are generally flat or slightly down; the upstream industry has a very small number of players. Prospects for the quarter are expected to decline.

In response to recent oil price volatility, Xiao Huizhong, director of Allianz Taiwan Dam Fund, said crude oil is lower, the market may be less enthusiastic for raw material investment, while shipping and lamination will be affected from high crude oil in the first half of the year. The product industry is expected to benefit. (Publisher: Huang Guolun) 1071118

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