Thursday , June 8 2023

Taiwan Affairs Office: Taiwanese Contributors to Continental Social Security Will Not Increase Their Personal Cost |


Central News Cross-Strait / NOWnews
Central News Cross-Strait / NOWnews

(Zhou Huiying), China's press spokeswoman Ma Xiaoguang said today that the participation of Taiwanese residents in social security in the mainland will not lead to an increase in personal charges, while the relevant policies are explained in the "Temporary Measures" residents of Taiwan to participate in social security in the mainland. Very clear.

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the People's Republic of China regularly held a press conference in the morning. Some media have asked to learn about the issue of regulating the participation of Taiwanese residents in social security in China. Ma Xiaoguang made the above explanation in the answer.

Mr Ma Xiaoguang said that "Taiwanese residents are involved in social security in the mainland." There is no problem raising personal charges and is conducive to strengthening individual rights and protecting Taiwan's compatriots.

He said that Taiwanese residents participate in mainland social security in five categories: pension insurance, unemployment insurance, personal injury insurance, maternity insurance and medical insurance.

According to the 'interim measures', firstly, Taiwanese residents who have participated in social security in Taiwan and still maintain social insurance relationships can not participate in the mainland pension and unemployment insurance.

Secondly, work-related injuries and maternity insurance are paid by employers in the mainland and no individual payment is required.

Thirdly, medical insurance premiums are paid jointly by employers and individuals on the mainland but all contributions and part of the unit's contributions are included in the insured person's personal account, which is fully used by the Taiwanese residents and the balance of its residents account Taiwan. It can be exported at a time when the basic medical insurance relationship expires. If the insured person dies, he or she may be inherited in accordance with the law.

Mr Ma Xiaoguang said that they fully demonstrate that these policies are helping to strengthen individual rights and protect Taiwanese people. "We have introduced" 31 meters "that reflect the concept of" cross-family "to bring life and work to Taiwanese companies. Innovative entrepreneurship provides more favorable conditions and shares growth opportunities in the mainland." (Publisher: Yang Shengru) 1071114

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