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Journalist Wu Ruici / Comprehensive Report

South Korean police with Hola and friend of ex-boyfriend Cui Zhongfan have been on the social page and the incident has been fermented for almost a month, while the police officially sued the prosecutor in the 7th with the intention of causing an injury to the opponent's face. Man is suspected of threats, injuries, coercion, sexual violence and other crimes. In addition, Cui Zhongfan was found to have sex videos and was also arrested for stealing private photos.

▲ ▼ with Chora and her friend Cui Zhongfan. (Figure / Cap)

▲ With Hora and her friend Cui Zhongfan accused by the police in the 7th. (Figure / Cap)

According to Korean media reports, although Cui Zhongfan holds two sex movies but has not been distributed outside, but was arrested and photographed with the help of the country, stealing the woman's private photos, although the police did not reveal the content photos. Why, but he was transferred to the prosecutor because he was supposed to have used the camera to photograph the special law of sexual violence.

Her former friend Hara had an interview on the show, saying. (Shape / Reversal from SBS)

▲ The ex-boyfriend of Hora had an exclusive interview on the show, saying "there is no intention of showing the movie". (Shape / Reversal from SBS)

The interaction between Hola and former friend Cui Zhongfan was transformed into a threat of sexual love. Cui Zhongfan suspected he had stolen food. At midnight, he was arrogant to home theory but became a mutual affair, and then the man was suspected of spreading film sex but changed his mind. To commemorate the celebration, "after the police intervened in the investigation, the last progress was made for the 7th and the two people were officially accused of the prosecutor.

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