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Clean the 3 sheets! Captain Malim reveals that the elephant war is beginning to understand the system.


Clean the 3 sheets! Captain Malim reveals that the elephant war is beginning to understand the system.

Captain Chang, the coach of the team helped improve the game. Keeping a continuous clean sheet

Chalermpong Kaewkaew Thai team captain Milo Rai Yaeve, coach of the team, helped to highlight the game. After more practice time. Everyone is sure. And the 2018 ASEAN Championships winning Timor Leste 7-0 at the Rajamangala Stadium on November 9th.

Apart from the first three points, elephants also do not lose 3 consecutive games in the official game. Since the friendly match against Hong Kong 1-0 and open home win Trinidad and Tobago 1-0.

"The atmosphere in the team now, I like it, it's already in terms of prosperity, and it's more confident, but there are also some coaches, and it's also going to be adapted, and I hope it will be better than the first game," he said. Chalermphong.

In addition, Battle Captain Chang. He also said

"We did not lose the game three times because the coach (Milo Raye Yevash) has more time with us, because the first one, some people may not be able to understand the label, but a lot of time, I understand more, but I do not think so. I have to admire the general only, we work as a team, it's time to get the team, it's a project, and everyone's faith. "

"The question is a good way, I think we are the right way, because Thai players really have the skills and the imagination to play well, but there is no discipline in the game, but the coach came in. We changed our attitude. "It's more interesting, I think it's okay, we're focusing more on results, because ultimate success is measured here."

"While we meet Indonesia It's like everyone told me It's harder than the first game But I think We do not care We have the right to win every group and more recently we have more encouragement since we know that the tickets in the tournament It's sold out all the time so we hope everyone will come in. That's what most football players want to see. "Chalermphong closed.

After the training on the evening of 14 November 2018 for the next program, the national team will meet with the Indonesian national team. In the ASEAN Championship of 2018, Group 2 will be held on 17 November 2018 at the Rajamangala Stadium at 18.30. Tickets are available at Thai Ticket Major. live on channel 7 HD

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