Saturday , April 1 2023

From a single 6 months to collect the "little bear", Tui boy broke the clip outside the web.


Police Brittany is conducting a photo survey for 6 months, according to a pedagogic child "Sergey Bear". First of all,

The journalist. Lieutenant Commander Prapas Matthong, a policeman under the jurisdiction of the South. The Department of Special Research (DSI) has been notified by the Australian Police. AFP (Australian Federal Police) that there is an image of a boy's sexual abuse. It is suspected that the scene will be in Thailand.

The image was found in Australia. With advanced technology. The detection of child pornography, in particular the INTERPOL office,

First, you know it. The image comes from Jaa Mee's nickname, "Sergeant Bear," and has just been identified as a military officer or police officer in southern Thailand.

Subsequently, DSI coordinates the investigation with the crime suppression section. Conduct a legal investigation With Jirapp Puridacharathorn, DIP ordered Mr Sompong Suwannawong, head of the Sixth Army Division, to participate in the search for the perpetrator. Only one photo. I've been to the news for six months.

The research team knew about it. Jaa Mee "Jaejoong" is the name of Phraphat. Phraphat's home has special features. Similar to the scene from the photo. Rep. DSI captures arrest warrant in criminal court Children under the age of 13, pedophilia children up to 13 years of age and help to the victim of the child.

Initially, the accused made the confession. Two captured hats in the photo, two mobile phones and video and video clips, sexual child abuse, tripod and computer. The fire department is currently in the process of extending the arrest of other parties involved.

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