Friday , March 31 2023

Honor Sponsor of AFF SUZUKI CUP 2018! A HONOR 8X for 1 goal


New Horizon 8X Smartphone is officially launched in Thailand. The partnership will be supported jointly by the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018. The partnership aims to create greater participation and access for the younger generation. Werner is the leading smartphone brand with the motto "For the Brave," designed to meet the needs of consumers in the digital era through the sale of Internet products. Excellent use Inspire Promote creativity And help the young generation achieve its goals.

The concept of the brand focuses on the needs of the new generation of passionate and daring to do something different. In addition to HONOR Play, HONOR 10 and HONOR 8X Cinema Smartphones, many exciting activities include offline racing games with HONOR and new activities like Perfect X to create a commitment and opportunity. Buttons new generations to get to know and understand the meaning of the brand is more profound.

During this time, AFF supporters of the Suzuki Cup 2018 to support the new generation and support the national team to win the championship in this tournament. By the way, #ONEGOALONEHONORTH To provide 1 HONOR 8X smartphone for 1 goal to fans and winners. To celebrate the goal of Thai national teams at AFF Suzuki Cup 2018. For more information, please visit.

Especially! Thank the fans. The winners will also receive the tickets for the national competition. HONOR fan club at to let you know that this event has more cards and other awards!

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