Monday , October 3 2022

New man breaks electrician – innnews


Yesterday (November 17, 61) The social world was shocked by the barbarity of teenagers. Kalais Province Facebook is Mike, the name is Mr. Cherdchai Chaichinda, professor of the Kalasin Technical College. The night of November 17, about 61 in the 1.25 clock, which is the image of the young man, is a life without life. From the famous fun 99 pubs through the agricultural market. It's been almost five minutes since teenage violence. There were almost ten teenagers who drove their motorcycles and drove cars. After that, my friend brought me to the hospital with a serious illness. Mr. Cherdchai Chaudjinda, Professor of Technical College Kalasin (electrician) said that the cause of the page has been posted. When the line was received today by the parents of Mr. Chakrapong Sommai, with the nickname Jack, the boy was a former student. It was a group of days to assassinate vandalism. He was currently hospitalized at the Kalasin hospital with a coma.

Ms. Pissamai Somvichai, the mother of the victims, said she received news from her son about a strike at the end of the line, as the son called to say he was attacked. Then he listened to his friends. I told him to hurry at the Calansin hospital. Then he hurried to find the baby in the hospital, it is known that the doctor took his son in the ICU with terrible symptoms. And now he's looking at the symptoms. I know when the son returned to visit the famous 99 pub entertainment and friends say it's like going to the local tourist. I had been attacked by the body. I'm not sure if this is the case. However, it is reported that Chakrapong Somvilai or Jack is a great electrician in the Kamalasai region and has a long way to go. But behind the attack, the police wanted to continue the persecution, which is expected to be a big leg in the province.

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