Tuesday , October 4 2022

(News clip) The participants in the bus to raise the 3 baht ticket


(News clip) The participants in the bus to raise the 3 baht ticket

Joint Car Administrator I agree with you. Many operators are destroyed by gas and other costs Prepare to meet the Transport Minister on November 19 to adjust the price of 3 baht cars and air conditioning 2 baht

Mr Premchitr said that on November 19, car dealers participating in the two associations will meet the magician. Paitaya Paisit Minister of Transport To seek the allegation that the businessman has lodged. Especially the current fuel cost problem. Although the government has monthly compensation of up to 35,000 baht per car, the compensation is only 20 days a month. The rest must buy natural gas, the market becomes burdensome. Many operators, even large-cost carriers, were forced to cancel many of the routes, according to academic studies. Current price However, the government has never allowed the tariffs to be adjusted, so this time the businessman will submit a request to the Minister of Transport. Also, a copy of the Prime Minister's papers. To set the fare of the hot car and minibus from the current 9 baht to the 12 baht while the air-conditioned car starts with 13 baht, the setting is 2 baht or 15 baht. The new NGV fuel. The study conducted by the Thai Institute for Research on Development (TDRI) starts at 20 baht. A special hope will be considered. Since the Ministry of Transport has agreed to take various measures. Since the transport manager was a contracting partner with Bangkok MMK, it has been changed to the Department of Land Transport. But never solve the problem for entrepreneurs. At the same time, the operator has to pay the cost of the bus in accordance with the contract and other costs. And staff salaries. – Thai news agency

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