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Open your mind! AIDS patients who are in front of Wat Phrabat Namphu "Ask him to give up himself."


AIDS in Wat Phrabat Namfus

Open your mind! AIDS patients who are in front of Wat Phrabat Namphu "Ask him to give up himself."

With Page Case Wat Phra Bat Nabou He has published images AIDS patients Someone was led to the front of the church with layers and clothes to impress the audience.

At 6:00 pm on 6 November Wat Phra Bat Nabou Khao Sam Roi, A. Muang, Lopburi "Online News" You have come to learn more about this male patient. Single room, zone 4, in one-room building. To isolate tuberculosis-infected patients. While going to go to the patient's room. Meet the patients in the adjacent room. Men and women Come out and talk. In front of the balcony

Mr. Tee, 51, a man who is in the news. In hospital beds, they reveal that they are infected with HIV Kanchenaburi. When he was in jail in 2010, he used the same needle for the disease. Then you live on your own. No relatives Parents are lost.

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After detecting the infection, he began to take medicine from the hospital. Sometimes they have to be disinfected. The body is weak. Can not eat rice But try to keep it going. I'm not going to the drug because home away from the hospital about 30 – 40 kilometers ago, the neighbors care. Eating or something else.

Mr Tee reveals that people have left the temple. Truth should not be left, but because they ask their neighbors to give up, they do not want to burden them. The cause of the failure to deliver the measured directly. She is not afraid to count to take care of it.

"The truth was here once, I think I want to live in this temple, I think the temple will take care very well," Tee said.

Thanachai Loppradit, 71, head of the Thammarak Niwet project, said that this patient was actually said to have been abandoned because relatives had brought papers yesterday. Measure Interview with the journalist who has to agree. Most AIDS patients have blurred vision. Or he can not rewrite history as normal, because these people have to find the pressure of society. In particular, shame from the family.

The most common cause of the infection is usually sexual intercourse. Mr Tee's case is the same. Caring for AIDS patients. It is a delayed treatment. But we have to protect the cause. Hence, the knowledge of this disease prevention. It must be taught to understand the different ages. When we refuse to have sex. We have to find a way to avoid this.

At present, there are 153 patients, 101 men and 43 women. This is thanks to the government in every way. Today, he continues to support. The cost of food and other goods is always. It is considered quite.

"If someone can not take care of the infected patients themselves, I'd like to ask them to be sent directly to the temple, with ID documents and a history of healing.

Mr Thanachai revealed it. Thank you. Abbot of this temple. These patients are always spasmodic. You can accept if others do not. The request for money. Or donation Can be delivered directly to the account because there is no account transfer. I feel that the people of Thailand are good people. And very kind with the friends of man. From the opening of the patient treatment center. People always donate.

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