Tuesday , May 30 2023

Patumthani province speeds up dengue fever control – innnews


At the Public Health Bureau of Patumthani Province, Tambon Bang Prak, Amphoe Mueang, Pathum Thani Patients with dengue fever have been reported. Prevention of dengue hemorrhagic fever in Patumthani province. The outbreak of dengue epidemics is one year beyond two years of the last year. 2016-2017 In the year 2018, there was a outbreak of dengue fever. From epidemic control, there is less epidemic than last year.

Dr. Surin Suebs, a doctor in Pathum Thani province, said the measures to control the dengue fever are as follows.
1. mosquito larvae control Because the mosquitoes have dengue. Try not to have a pot in your house or outside. Prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. It initially assigned staff to all levels. From provincial and regional hospitals. Regional Health Promotion Hospital To understand the village health volunteers. Information on public awareness and awareness on the prevention of the dengue epidemic
2. When there is a patient with a dengue fever. Co-ordinated by the local government. Bring a fog machine to kill the mosquitoes near the house of a sick radius of 100 meters.
3. When patients with hemolytic anemia are treated in the hospital, the caregiver is closely monitored.

In the year 2062, it was the policy for officials at all levels to pursue a policy to reduce the morbidity and mortality rates of dengue patients. In addition, patients can go through several treatments because they are considered a common cold. The doctor's hand is over. Therefore, the most important dengue disease is diagnosis. Rapid care and understanding to reduce the deaths of dengue forest

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