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Ryan Club member Talking about leaving the ASEAN 2019


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If Thai League Co., Ltd. has changed the amount of the unlimited ASEAN quota to Thai championship team in 2019, but can only play 3 races in the past despite the meeting among the team members. It has been reported that only 3 people can enroll in one season.

Benjamin Tan, director of the Thai Football League Soccer Association And Vice Chairman of the Competition Control Division, Thai League Co., Ltd., clarified the ASEAN player quota. To be used in the 2019 Thai Championship that is still in the 3 + 1 + 3 criteria for sending names with the same original. Only 35 teams can register for unlimited entries. And do not press any club to send the name with the quota number in any way.

For the next season. League of Thailand No more than 7 international players allowed (one in Asia, one in Asean and three in other countries, including a reserve list). ASEAN has unlimited quotas.

The quota does not oblige the club. Sign up for foreign players, Asian or ASEAN numbers. But to support the club. To expand the fan base in neighboring countries. Southeast Asia

This policy is considered a proactive development of the Thai League. To create value added opportunities. Including transmission rights. Return to the club, including money, grants, and other plans. I will continue to develop football.

In the football league, the FA Cup and the FA Cup also allow foreign players to play no more than 5 players (foreigners, 3 Asia 1 and ASEAN 1) as well as the Thai League 2, Thai League. 3 and Thailand 4

Benjamin said: "We want to push Thailand into the ASEAN football club, and we are very proud of the other championships, and in the area, see the Thai championship, which is how our management is at a professional level. we recently named one of the 10 best AFCs in Asia. "

"It was a thoroughly researched decision to see how it works, to develop and promote the championship, signing ASEAN players, including Thai players, to expand the championship, obviously having more fans, and promoting the League of Nations Southeast Asia ".

"We have to plan to extend the value of the contest and help the club itself look out of the box It's impossible in all the clubs It can withstand the donor budget in the existing countries Why every budget I have to support the club, the right market, even the kicker, and the sales card "

"So in this policy it increases the club's ability to see opportunities Moving to a recognized regional club It is a channel that will strengthen the club's viability An opportunity for the club to have guidelines If there is an interest in reconciliation Who he is aggressive He has an edge in marketing. "

"The obvious example is Ahmed, Polis Tero, who helped the team both on the field and on the pitch." He wrote a fan base from Myanmar to watch a game of the club, and if there is a national player Orbit to meet between I would be interested in the fight More about the "

"It also attracts the brand, as well as sponsors from neighboring countries, and has also gained the attention of television media, giving the copyright to live, including the value of the championship. club to grow more than ever. "

"With ASEAN players, we can attract 650 million fans to watch the championship and the players, not just the players in their country, but also the players in Thailand." Players must understand it. The club was unable to withstand the cost. The increase in hiring the entire group. No other income. In addition to sponsorship money, money from the contractor. Every year it's forever. Sustainability will happen. When the club is strong and stable. You have a budget for the development of their own academy. To reduce future costs "

"In addition, playing with ASEAN's top players is considered exchange, and how do they learn how to play and how they grow? Like in Japan Signed with ASEAN players.

", Which provided an open competitive environment I can make a better player in Thailand This will help us have a stronger national team We have a duty to ensure it Our championship will continue to be attractive and intense competition in the future.

"We are not a trademark, not just new features, then there are people who have to be kept, they have to try the first year, watch people, want to see their players?" Benjamin T.

For the guidelines of ASEAN nationals. To sign up for the 2019 Thai League:

1. An ASEAN Quote Player named in the Thai Championship Registration Catalog 1-4 and the Football Cup as of August 20, 2018 by the player. There must be a national team to play at least 3 matches before the end of 2019. If not, no players can be registered in the ASEAN quota of the 2020 season.

2. For new ASEAN quota gamblers in the 2019 season, they will have to face the national team on the court. In games certified by ASEAN Football Association (AFF), Asian Football Federation (AFC) or FIFA in U19, up to at least 3 games certified by the Football Association of each country.

With regard to the quota, the field name is the actual + reserve for ASEAN players. When combined with Asian players' quotas. And strangers. Can send the name And not more than 7 people.

4. For the ASEAN quota It is the club's right to send. Or do not send the registration name.

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