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"Toyota Green City" Ayutthaya "in nature For the whole life & # 39;


"Toyota Green City" Ayutthaya "in nature For the whole life & # 39;

Toyota City Green & # 39; – The idea of ​​saving the world is not a camp with "Toyota" because it has been around for decades.

Recently, the first Environmental Learning Center was opened outside the factory. Toyota Green City Ayutthaya & # 39; It is located in Hua Hin, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya.

It is a business celebration in Thailand for over 55 years committed to driving happiness in Thai society. It is an organization that participates in and promotes the sustainable development of Thai society. "Infinite Share"

Social White Street Project Promoting safety in the use of road vehicles. And the Toyota Foundation in Thailand. It undertakes to create educational opportunities for children and young people with reduced mobility.

The financial aspects of the Toyota business community Pat. Improve the business of OTOP and SME entrepreneurs through the exchange of experiences. Enterprise and Toyota production.

And the environment is responsible for promoting and preserving the environment throughout the business chain. Focus on all processes in an environmentally friendly manner. Including dissemination of environmental knowledge to Thai society. Through various activities within the concept. "Toyota Green City in Nature For Life"

"Toyota Green City" Ayutthaya "in nature For the whole life & # 39;
Open Center

Open the center Toyota Green City Ayutthaya & # 39; They have K. Miyazawa Takagata Managing Director of Toyota Motor Corporation Japan and President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. K. Ninnart Chaiteeipinyo Chairman of the Board of Directors K. Wutikorn Suriyachantananont Senior Executive Vice-President Together with adults in the province. Take steps until it becomes visible.

Such centers. The main area is the increase in the green area. Encourage the preservation of existing trees. Tree planting increases green areas. With emphasis on perennials.

"Toyota Green City" Ayutthaya "in nature For the whole life & # 39;
Green space

Integrated waste management Promoting waste reduction. Reduce the use of disposable products. Segregation and recovery of waste Proper drainage and disposal of waste

Water Conservation Promote the use of water value. Saving water Utilization of water resources for maximum benefit

Reducing energy consumption and using alternative energy Promoting energy efficiency Using environmentally friendly electrical appliances.

And sustainable travel. Travel promotion that reduces fuel consumption. By using renewable energy sources such as hybrid cars, small electric vehicles. Cycling and walking

The garden is open from 06.00 to 20.00 and the exhibition area. Open from 10am to 5pm

The green people of the heart visit to visit each other

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