Friday , February 3 2023

522 TL game and application is free for a short time


For years Android Meets the application and gaming needs of phones with an operating system. Play Storeat the expense of Google earns big money. Users who spend millions of dollars on this platform every year naturally want to add free apps and games to their accounts and save money.

In return, the company offers discounts on some games and applications, and sometimes provides free access to popular programs. Here are the ones on sale this week and their value 522 TL games and applications!

The game and application worth 242 TL became free as soon as possible!

The app and game, which cost a total of $ 27 (242 TL), can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

This week 32 games and applications are free

As always, many games and applications this week. Google Play StoreIt was free. Total cost 522 TL ($ 58) For these applications to last foreverDownload“It is enough to press or cancel the button once or download it completely.

Free software

free Games

Free icons and widgets

What do you think about these applications? What is the most interesting application on the list? You can mention in the comments…

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