Tuesday , May 30 2023

Another statement by Mustafa Cengiz: "Those who think our dissatisfaction is cowardice …"


Galatasaray President of the club Example: Mustafa Cengiz, PFDK and Fatih Terim's gave him another 3 fight after the official website of the club made another statement.

TFF and the board of double standards Cengiz advocacy of the application, gave the message of the championship.

Here's the explanation …

"Galatasaray is the most valuable national brand in the world of Turkey's sporting sense.

This is the most valuable brand, using the official or media power they get from their foundations and positions. personal fanaticism, the attempt to hurt Galatasaray, to punish those who try to hurt, not only Galatasaray, our country, our country, we must be cautious about the franc and their efforts to hurt.

With more than 100 million sympathizers and more than 30 million supporters in the world, the Galatasaray sports club, fueled by spirit and synergy of more than 30 million years, can not be avoided by slaps and hits thrown from behind, inside or outside the field.

The penalty must be equal to the crime and must not disturb the community's consciousness.

The TFF and Councils should not apply double standards according to the group they support.

The right of our club, the official statement, the punishment of the official statement, the statements of our opponents, even against the technical terminology of our club by speaking on the street or taking any action against the written, verbal expressions that do nothing energy is a document and it is important to note.

We are not in a managerial understanding that creates happiness with those who seek sanctions to be taken or taken by our competitors.

We are a society that is in line with international achievements through national achievements.

But justice is necessary for all and we are categorically opposed to double standards.

We are once again saying that we will fight and we will end up to end the law and the unfair positions and positions occupied by those who practice these standards in the media, the field and the TFF tables in the world of football.

Those who believe that our silence in Vakar is cowardice can cause them whenever they want.

In spite of all the pitfalls, challenges and obstacles against him, Galatasaray will continue the course of the championship with his character, respect the rival tür, with dignity and dignity and be a champion.

There is no longer Galatasaray! "

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