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BİM November 16 was published a list of discount products! Surprise Products …


Bim Aktüel again this week with many discount products. Property listings and product prices will be announced on Friday 16 November. The BİM Actual Products list, which is accompanied by many products from baby carts to baby radios, from iron to coffee, is also full this week. Philips PowerLife Plus Steam Iron, Cane Baby Carriage, bad electric coffee pot, Luxell Mini Walking Stove 1500W, Polo Club Men's Trekking Boots, Pasabahçe wooden lid Jar, Chef display granite set, cotton baby blanket, Baby Radio and Yogurt Machine, Fish Pan, 1000 puzzle pieces Such products that satisfy the customer are included. View product prices to be released on Friday 16 November …

A101 November 15, 2018 list of discounted products! Surprise with discounts


On the first page of the list of products to be presented on November 16, 2018,

– Fully closed, capacity 15 kg, braking system, 2 year warranty and 6-meter cash price with child transfer price 149,90 TL,

– 2-way baby walkie talkie with two-way communication, digital platform, warning when coming out of 149 TL coverage area

– Luxell 1500W mini foot stool 39,90 TL

– Healthy hygiene cloth

– Yogurt machine 99.90 TL

– Pilsan Practice High Presidency 59.90 TL

– Plastic mini-vehicles 19,90 TL

– 40 pieces, with a fun and instructive feature Pilsan Mini Kent 18.50 TL

– Lolla Bebeks Princess Mini Baby 13,90 TL

– Baby sitter 3,50 TL

– Baseball. Baby Infant Coat License 34.90 TL

– Baby care bag 12,90 TL

– Baby sleeping bag 22,90 TL

– Baby Panduf 15,90 TL

– Cot baby blanket $ 3.99

– Organic baby scarf with four hands 6.50 TL

BİM Friday, November 16, 2018

SHOCK 14 Nov. Wednesday released the catalog of discount products!

Products on the second page of the list of current products.

– Fakir Electric coffee pot with 300 ml of water, capacity 4 coffee per coffee and 2 year warranty with overheating and water free system.

– Steaglide base with vertical vapor outlet, drip water, lime cleaner and 2 year warranty Philips PowerLife Plus Steam Iron 149 TL

– Pasabahçe pot with a wooden cap of 7,50 TL

– chef5s round cooked pot 6,95 TL

– Mini filter of 1.50 TL

– Chef's toaster chef application 34,90 TL

– Small varieties of teflon 13,50 TL

– Cutlery Model 2.75 TL

– Plastic compartment storage tank 2.95 TL

– Karnıyarık Tenceresi with internal coating of non-flammable surfaces and granite with increased scratch resistance and abrasion resistance 59,90 TL

– Çiğ Köfte Disc 15,90 TL

– Fish Pan 44,90 TL

– Chefs, 90-minute granite surface strawberries

– Flexible cut of 4.95 TL gondola

– Polo Club Men's Trekking Boot

Truva Truva Trucks for children aged 3 years and over with a moving dampener

– 1000 puzzle pieces $ 3.99

BiM November 16 Current products

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