Monday , October 3 2022

Breast cancer training in Iğdır


In the program organized by the Union of Women and Democracies, the training provided by Aslı Uslu gave the genetic predisposition to the process of breast cancer, environmental factors, alcohol and cigarettes, age, breast cancer and risk factors which were effective in the development of breast cancer.

Sema Ünlü, husband of governor Igdir Enver Unlu, said that "breast cancer is the most common cancer in our women. Knowing the symptoms of breast cancer, breast cancer prevention at an early stage is very important to the success of the treatment. It was very useful to teach risk factors and I would like to thank those who contributed to this type of education

The women who participated in the education, which had the form of questions and answers, learned the risk factors for breast self examination, the causes of breast cancer and breast cancer.

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