Tuesday , October 4 2022

Exhaust control Thousands 250 TL, Pollution polluters 2 000 500 TL will be punished


By 2019, not only have not looked at the exhaust, but the tools will go through the examination of fraudulent methods. This is not just the 6.3 million surveys, but also many car owners. If the offer submitted by the AK Party to Parliament for the prevention of environmental pollution is accepted, there will be large sanctions for drivers from vehicle exhaust.


With about Turkey, to prevent pollution of the environment in many different regions in order to start operating. According to the proposal of the AK Party, which contains impressive regulations for the prevention of environmental pollution, an agreement will be signed that will be very close to the owners of vehicles. Motor vehicles traveling on the motorway to inspect, 250 thousand people who have no exhaust gas inspections, so will be the owners of vehicles polluting the environment 2,000 500 TL.


According to the latest official statistics, 22 million cars in Turkey, 6.3 million already receiving flue gas control. Therefore, it walks on roads that run counter to traffic and environment. If they do not have these tools, they also pollute the environment, the total amount of the penalty to be cut will be £ 23.5 billion.

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