Monday , October 3 2022

Health and Art Hand at Eosb



Organized Industrial Zone Eskişehir etkin The disease and social dimension of Alzheimer's Böl was hosted by the event.
Eski Sheikh Organized Industrial Zone (EOSB) "Hand in Hand in the Arts of Eskisehir Arts" on the Turkey event organized by Painted Mother Fingers to be hosted by the Alzheimer's Association. At the event, the group's performances were performed by artist Arzu Yılmaz Dağdemir and Ankara Ankara's President of Ankara. Dr. Esen Saka Topçuoğlu and Alzheimer Association President of the Eskişehir branch. Dr. Demet Özbütün's presentations took place. Events? Professor Dr Alzheimer's Health Dimension of Esen Saka Topçuoğlu and Professor. Dr continued his presentation titled "The Dimension of Alzheimer's Art by Demet Ozbishuk.
He began his speech explaining the history of Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Esen Saka Topçuoglu provided information on the disease development processes, treatment developments and precautions to be taken as a precautionary measure. Professor Dr. Demet Ozbume, in her presentation, based on examples of the positive effects of art on Alzheimer's disease.

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