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Hope for 3 people with instruments


15 days before high blood pressure brain bleeding due to high blood pressure and treatment in the hospital in the morning, cerebral death occurred.

Münüriye Demiray, a mother of five children living in Shiva, had blood haemorrhage 15 days ago due to high blood pressure. Demiray was transferred to the intensive care unit at Cumhuriyet University Hospital, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, and brain death occurred this morning. His family, Münüriye Demiray, decided to forgive the organs. Turkey in coordination of organs and tissues Transplant Coordination Center, approximately 2 hours after the operation of the group, originating from Malatya, Demiray received kidney and liver. The organs were sent to Erzurum and Malatya for patients who await transplantation.

Cumhuriyet University Hospital Deputy General Practitioner Zekeriya Öztemur, thanking the family who gave the organs, "received a brain death in our patient who was hospitalized in the intensive care unit 2 weeks ago. At the request of the patients' relatives, we completed all our procedures for organ transplantation by the morning of the day. However, the patient worsened the condition of our patient 1 hour before Sivas and his heart stopped and so we performed a very urgent surgery. Protect the organs by connecting our patient with the heart. The Malatya team came, we removed the liver and the two kidneys in a healthy way. We ship 2 kidneys to Erzurum and maybe we saved 3, maybe more patients and we thank our friends who are in the whole group. "He said.

– Shiva

Malates, in the morning, Siva

Saturday, November 10, 2018 4:49 pm

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