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"Improperly treated fractures have a negative effect on growth"


The infinite energy of the children, the movement to avoid them, to run without stopping the occasional hand, the wrist, the foot, the foot or the fingers cause fractures. Bone fractures that are not timely and properly treated have a negative impact on the growth and development of children. Rel. Dr. Hakan Özsoy, fractures in children and gave information on treatment methods.

Children have flexible bones

Özsoy said that various bone fractures can be observed in each age group. "The bones of the children are similar to a branch of a new tree, the bones tend to bend and bend in childhood and there are no fractured fractures while children and children while playing, cycling and running in the park. of healing is different: the periosteum, which is wrapped above the bone, is thicker in childhood and helps the bone to boil. For children, the fruit fractures are recovered within 3-4 weeks, whereas in older this period iarkei up to 4-6 weeks.. "he said.

Watch out for feeding!

Ozsoy said consumption of 1-2 cups of milk a day or consumption of dairy products is important for a rapid boiling fracture in children. "It is a significant investment for the advanced age to fill the calcium reserves from childhood. Due to many fractures, the body can be consumed in situations requiring much energy and it is necessary to pay more attention to the diet of both the foot and Some of these are treated with plaster and some are undergoing surgery. If you do not boil boiling with gypsum or boil, you should have a fracture, supported by Behold and wires. It should be. "expressions used.

Child avoidance can affect his / her life

Özsoy finally said,

"Because children are very active and active, fractures are very common, but fracture fractures are usually easy for children. Because fractures can be detected very clearly from the surgery, it is possible to restore the patient's daily life without holding the patient long with wires and screws. As families avoid running their children, some permanent damage occurs as a result of fractures. After surgery, the fractures melt very quickly and there is no need for severe physical therapy. (Hulago A)

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