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Invention of patients with pancreatic cancer addiction in the Aegean



At the Ege University Research Institute of Nuclear Sciences, the TUBITAK program has developed an active ingredient in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer. About the project Dr. Fatma Yurt Onaran and Professor Dr. Professor Dr. Cumhur Gündüz received information from the EU Rector. Dr. Necdet Budak said imcza pancreatic cancer is a treacherous disease and our university teachers have signed a world class invention to diagnose and treat this cancer.
Ege University (EÜ) Institute of Nuclear Sciences Department of Nuclear Applications Professors Dr. Professor Dr. Fatma Yurt Onaran and Medical School of the European Union Head of the Department of Medical Biology Dr. The Working Group headed by Cumhur Gündüz. has made world progress. Scientists have developed the active ingredient in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer. It was reported that the developed fluorescence factor was prepared according to pancreatic cancer, thereby causing the death of the cancer cell without harming the normal tissues. EÜ Rector Budak, who visited the successful team. Dr. Fatma Yurt Onaran and Professor Dr. Cumhur Gündüz received information about the active substance he developed.

"Light of the world of science"
Pancreatic cancer is an insidious disease. Our university professors have realized a world-class invention to diagnose and treat this cancer. With this patent, the Ege University will shed light on the entire scientific world working in the field this. I would like to say that there are many patents obtained at the University of the Ege, and these patents must be commercialized and we call on all medical investors to commercialize this patent in the medical world. I would like to congratulate our instructors for the active ingredient they developed. We, as the University of the Ege, are next to the material and spiritual side of such studies. I wish the rest of the bee and I congratulate myself, "he said.

"It does not lead to negativity in normal tissues"
The diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer is a difficult type of cancer that expresses the teacher. Dr. Pancreatic cancer is ranked among the 13th of the most common types of cancer in the world. We have developed a factor in which the fluorescence imaging and the advantage of a dual imaging process can be performed is that data from both systems is combined to produce a much clearer picture as this agent is specific for pancreatic cancer and does not cause a negative effect on normal tissues. When the light is applied at a given wavelength, the active substance causes the cancer cells to die and it is very economical to take any non-deteriorating substance after it enters the body. we believe that the active substance is of great importance, "he said.

"It will greatly benefit from early diagnosis"
He stressed that early diagnosis is very important. Dr. Gündüz continued as follows:
"This active ingredient developed in the TUBITAK project has been shown to be anticancer.We have developed our active substance by performing cell-based studies as a group, the result, even if applied, was less than expected. cells to kill, much less damaging to normal cells than other therapies.In addition, it can be used for the appearance of cancer cells.Patent for this active substance was taken in His The 3rd International Patent Exhibition We also collaborated with a research team from the University of Mersin in our work with a silver medal.

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