Friday , March 31 2023

Last minute … a terrible accident in Van! Dead and injured …


Van and the irregular immigrants carrying the illegal immigrants to Bahçesaray as a result of the overthrow of 16 people injured as a result of the driver and two illegal migrants were sent to Van Regional Educational and Research Hospital.

According to the information received, the Passage Muhadmed Mustafa Çınar, which had illegal immigrants, 34 kilometers of a 3km steep minibus ZF 3395, inexplicable for some reason, ran to the dock.

In the accident, 5 irregular immigrants lost their lives in the truck, 16 injured.

Ambulances sent to the scene and citizens of the Bahçesaray State Hospital with the heavy driver's tools and two illegal immigrants who were removed from the ambulance Van Regional Training and Research Hospital reported.

The processing of 13 illegal immigrants is in progress.


Meanwhile, 49 illegal immigrants were caught in a parked minibus, about 500 meters from the scene of the accident.

The Van Gendarmerie groups, reported on the accident scene for vehicle drivers, the incident waiting on the road waiting for the road between Pakistan and Afghanistan, 49 irregular immigrants catching the driver, were holding the driver.

The illegal immigrants who were transferred to ISE Burned Regional School in the province received food and stayed.

Illegal immigrants will surrender to immigration management after the trial.


One of the first to hit the scene after the accident, AK AK Cumali Sabırlı, 4 of the illegal immigrants on stage, died in the hospital.

By indicating that police, security and health teams were mobilized for the injured, Sabırlı said that 21 people were placed in a vehicle for 7 people. We will be our guests until the morning and then we will be handed over to the relevant institution and we will take the funerals of our younger brothers and sisters out of the car, we regret and wish that something like that does not happen again. expressions are used.

The people who intervened by injured Timur Dimitra said the incident on stage as soon as the accident happened. "The gendarmes, security and health teams informed the wounded and sent them to the hospital, come on," he said.

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