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Obesity is the genes: Nutrition and diet


Our genetic structure is one of the causes of obesity, which is considered a nutritional disorder and causes obesity. Many genes in the body play an important role in determining our eating habits.

Turkey has pointed out that the number of obese people is increasing on the day of Lecturer Dr. Lecturer. Uys. Akin Sevinç draws attention to the importance of genetic factors as well as the metabolic factors that conceal obesity in individuals. The distribution of these genes in humans determines the sensitivity of individuals to obesity.

The course affects our elections

The 8 genes in the body affect people's behavior. These genes have not happened in recent years. By managing our behaviors, our eating habits determine our energy metabolism. Our genes are formed as a result of sensitive processes in the evolutionary process of millions of years. So, our genes started coding millions of years ago. Our genetic structure has gone through many stages during this coding. However, as some of these codings can not be adapted to the rapidly changing and globalized daily circumstances, this deviation is the most common among us, including obesity. For example, a gene that is supposed to protect our energy balance evolutionarily, which probably kept our species in the ice age, but unfortunately, when we go to a restaurant, it suffices to keep our eyes out with one or half portion . These genes have played an important role in determining our eating habits by causing many such mechanisms, and now genetic testing has made great efforts to identify these genetic factors.


Akin Sevinç, who explained that a personal diet plan can be prepared by creating a body image of the body, said the following about managing the organization after genetic information:

"Usually the lack of delicacy and satiety or the reason for the excessive reaction to starvation is due to certain metabolic deficiencies, perhaps in the industrialized world we choose the impetus that a vitamin deficiency can eliminate our body with fruit. exercise and nutritional planning of individuals.

Published on: 07.11.2018

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