Monday , May 29 2023

Remove Mardin from the pink street for cancer awareness


Pink Route this time, the cradle of civilizations was translated into Mardin, the pearl of Southeast Anatolia. Support for women with cancer Pink Traces AssociationIn the "Pink Route 2" project, the Pembe Rota gün project was held in Mardin.

Women, like Mardin's men, showed great interest in the interview, where the experts shared their knowledge and patient experiences. Ece Vahapoğlu, co-ordinated by the 700-person audience at the Artuklu University Convention Center, was moderated by Ece Vahapoğlu.

Mardin Governorship, Mardin Provincial Directorate, ÇATOM Directorates, GAP Administration, Artuklu University Rector, and Mardin Museum with the support of the three-day Pink Trail Mardin, a "Mardin Volunteer" known as MAREV, one of founders Aysel TumbaUnder his guidance.


In our country, about 5,000 women have cervical cancer, about 3,000 women have ovarian cancer and about 500 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer. Early diagnosis in these types of cancer increases the success of treatment and saves lives! The President of the Union of Pink Tracks View full profile of ArzuIn the speech she gave at the interview, 10 000 women will be screened for free gynecological examination of cancer under the Pink Route project and I would like to draw attention to the importance of early diagnosis, particularly of ovarian, uterine and cervix with Pink Rota. We want to sensitize our women. At the same time, women who need free examination, ultrasound and surface testing in this program, our goal is to reach 10,000 women. I would like to share the joy that once the project started, thousands of women from different cities came to us. The number of women we tested surpassed a thousand people. Some of these women had cancer and functioned. It makes us very happy to see that they have Onların health.

"Cancer does not write!"

Medical oncology specialist Professor Dr. Gökhan Demir, cancer, early detection of complete healing, even in advanced stages, although many chronic therapies today are a biological disease, for example, breast cancer if diagnosed in the first phase about 99% complete We are now using methods for early recognition of cancer, have developed radiological methods, we have begun to use molecule methods so that our arsenal has become very powerful in the treatment of the disease. the method gives quite good results, yöntem said.


Obstetrician and Obstetrician Gynecologist Oncologist Professor Dr Contact directly to ilkkan ovarian, uterine and cervical cancer for the early diagnosis of what should be done. One of the most common gynecological cancers, the HPV vaccine is important for the prevention of cervical cancer and must be done. Dr. Dünder esi It is very important to identify the damage in a timely manner with the contribution of technological developments. When cervical cancer is captured at an early stage, the probability of treatment reaches 95%. Perhaps cervical cancer in the future will be the first type of cancer to be included in history


Special Mental Health and Diseases Professor Dr. See the full profile of İrem In the interview, she gave information about the psychological approach of oncology patients and their relatives and spoke about the psychological experiences and solutions of women who had been diagnosed or treated with cancer.

Special Spastic Disease Professor Dr. Contact Caglar directly Provide information on vaccine-protected diseases in adults, a radiology specialist Dr. Chengiz Bambek also shared his experiences as doctors and relatives of patients with the participants. Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Specialist Op. Dr. Fatih Şirin Also, "Women, Cancer and Aesthetic Surgery where the truth ends where the error starts" gave information about. explained the aesthetic concerns and the treatment of women. the participants' answers.


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