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Results of KPSS high school are announced? When will the KPSS secondary education be announced?


2018 KPSS The results of the examinations are now in the last corner. The results of the tests conducted by the Center for Measurement, Selection and Positioning (ÖSYM) on October 7 are followed by the enthusiasm of hundreds of thousands of citizens. Here is the date on which the results of the KPSS 2018 …

KPSS Secondary Education, which was organized for secondary school graduates, will open on November 8, 2018, as announced earlier. If the results are announced, the candidates will be invited to enter the T.C. check their results with their ID numbers and passwords.


The results of the examination will not be published and will not be sent to the addresses of the candidates. Results information will include the number of correct and incorrect answers given by candidates to the tests and results of the KPSS. Information on results posted on the site is subject to the notification of candidates.


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Each examination included in the examination will be evaluated on its own. In each test, for example Generic capacity, a quarter of the number of incorrect answers will be subtracted from the number of correct answers, and standard scores will be calculated using the average and standard deviations of these scores.

In a test, candidates who have not at least 1 grade (net) will not be included in the calculations for this test and these candidates will not calculate the rating standard for this test. According to this, a candidate must have at least 1 raw score (1 net) of the two general fitness and general culture tests to calculate the KPSS score.

KPSS scores will be calculated by weighing the standard scores obtained from the General Testing of General Competence and General Culture. In the context of the KPSS results, the weight of each general skill test and general crop will be 0.5. Based on these weights, standardized scores resulting from the tests will be calculated using weighted standard results (ASP). In order to calculate each ASP for a candidate, this candidate must have a standard rating of each of the tests when calculating this ASP.

After the examination, the questions decided to be canceled by the OSYM Presidency or by the judiciary will be excluded from the evaluation and scoring will be done by redefining the score of valid questions.

KPSSP94 scores for the secondary level will be calculated using candidate ASPs. The following formula will be used to calculate the KPSS results. Thus, for each type of KPSS score, an impact distribution of more than 100 KPSS will be achieved. Placement in Group B will be based on KPSS scores from ÖSYM.

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