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Senol Gunes, high school friends met after 48 years


Besiktas Club Technical Director Senol Gunes, Trabzon High School 1970-71 6th class of friends came along with class.

48 years later, at 12.30, today they graduated in Trabzon High School, graduates of the 6th 1970-71 School of Philology, starving each other. Şenol Güneş and his friends spoke briefly at school, then went to the old classes and sat down in their old classes. After the prayer he made for his friends who were not alive here, the individual names were called and phoned.

SENOL GOUNS: "My friends contribute to my footballer"

After the trial here, making a statement that the Senol Gunes are experiencing a different enthusiasm today, saying: "Life has brought us to such a class as we have, we are reading the age of the big, little ones all together here." There are friends losing weight, lose weight, have debilitating friends, but most important is health.You have a break from us, let their places be heaven.This was a very important day.It is not easy to concentrate after 48 years.This day, the love and relationships were different, they were clean, we are together, we are family, we have shown that the phenomenon of the family today and we will continue to show it. "This is a class where all the athlete has proved, all of which have a contribution," he said.


After her speech, Senol Gunes was presented with a photo photograph of 6 Literature Class D 1970-71. Then, Sun, who visited the class of students in the school literature lesson, addressed the students here: "Today we have the happiness to meet 48 years later, it is not easy. "Your future will be bright, we do not know your profession, but we love life, life is important," he said.


Then the school's museum, a tour of Senol Gunes, followed by Trabzonspor, Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Galatasaray schools dressed with pupils who took pictures. Sun, here was addressed to him: "Did you like the new uniforms of Trabzonspor?" on the question: "Others, such as diversity, but the most noble burgundy-blue is that," he said.

Senol Gunes and his classmates, then Trabzon's high school to meet again at dinner.


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