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Sibel Kekilli confessed: I received death threats


Tuesday, 06 November 2018 – 4:02 am | Last updated: 06 11 2018 – 4:02

Sibel Kekilli players, in addition to character and social media to play a role in relation to the sexual harassment and slander campaign expounded by Turkish fans Nick Vivarelli interviewed Variety.

Game of Thrones da yayınlan Shae "Kekilli character depicted, this year's K Bullets" will be on screen in turn. At the same time, at the post-production stage of the German üzerinden Berlin, I Love You, ayan Kekilli, a social media, voiced disquiet about the insults he suffered through the social media. Im People threaten me, insult me, "said Kekili. But it is my job to fight for women's rights. Why do I know this culture. As a woman I know this culture. I have suffered a lot and I have to talk. You have to shut up! And it is worthwhile if we can only change one's life

profile Instagram for the past year Kekilli close to some fans in Turkey herself as a woman, said that protection as a human being. At present, the scenarios, said Turkey sent it to the players, "Turkey really great directors. If there is a right scenario, I would like to work there, too.

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