Friday , September 30 2022

The decision about the scandal for Manchester City!


Shakhtar Donetsk of Manchester City defeated the Champions League with 6-0 in the match won by the home team won the penalty shootout.

Manchester City, which won a penalty shoot-out with Rachel Stirling on the pitch, increased the gap to 2 in the 24th minute.

Viktor Kassai's sentence in favor of Manchester City was one of the most discussed events in the UK.

"I'm sorry for my refusal"

Speaking of the post at the end of the match, Sterling, "I do not know what happened in the penalty spot. I do not feel contact, but I fell.


Pep Guardiola, "the referee of the sterling could say that the penalty was not, but last year, Milner also counted the reasons for the offside, the referee may say that our goal is correct." in the form. (Sporx)

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