Thursday , February 2 2023

The first words after the separation from Cocu: The President is right – News Fenerbahce


According to Senad Ok news from the Milliyet newspaper Dutch coach, Contact direct with AliHe states that he respects the decision "Fenerbahce A club like this is not used to experience these situations. There is a failure. Since I am the head of this group, I am in charge

The coach of Fenerbahçe finished Philip CocuPresident Ali Koç welcomed him to reject him.

The Dutch coach, stating his views on the team and the farewell, recognized that there was a failure in the middle, a club like Fenerbahce is not used to experience these situations. There is a failure. I am the person in charge of this group. 20 people will not go to the head of the normal work is to go, 20 said.

Cocu, leaving all players and officials looking for success.

Assistant responsible for Phillip Cocu Erwin Koeman drew his attention to the different profile he drew in a short time. The 57-year-old coach, who communicates more closely with the players, often stops training. If there is a mistake in training, Koeman tries to correct it in its place and leaves Cocu with this aspect.

Erwin Koeman is more passionate and warm than Cocu. The Dutch coach, who, during his warnings, had hardened as he stayed close, had better communication with his students.

Staff difference

On the other hand, the difference between Koeman and Cocu has been discussed. Until recently, the pair of game templates and player preferences appeared.

Koeman, who later joined the team as a third assistant, did not want to cross his limit here. He tried to help Cocuts get away from the game's pattern. Although he shared his ideas, he was always Cocu. However, the experienced name, due to the definition of the job, as much as he tried to help the technical director.

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